Forensic Kit PRO


This Forensic Kit PRO was designed with the maximum “cool” factor with virtually no mess. This kit is perfect for developing the budding crime scene investigator both young and old. Fun, yet educational too!

You’ll be able to develop fingerprints (with the real stuff) with a neat process that uses magnetic fingerprint powders…and then when you are done, you simply return the powder to the jar and release the charge…no mess, no fuss. Plus we teach you (online) the investigators’ secrets on the best way to find the prints.

AND…Ever seen the blue light flashlight used by investigators on TV? We were one of the pioneers of this science. There’s one included in the Kit. Perfectly (safe) and useful to fluoresce a variety of “Evidence” with the use of the included orange bandpass glasses.

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    Items included in the Forensic Kit PRO:

    1. Mini-Blue Alternate Forensic Light
    2. Orange Bandpass Viewing Glasses
    3. Black Magnetic Powder
    4. Fluorescent Black Powder
    5. Magnetic Applicator

    Plus a variety of Peel-N-Lift adhesive lifters, Chain of Custody Backing Cards, Investigator’s Gloves, Investigator’s Laboratory Smock, Crime Scene Barrier Tape, Security Seals and Evidence Bags.

    *Extra Bonus…online training to help you get the most out of your kit. There is a certification test at the end, and if you pass, you will be certified (just like we certify law enforcement) and you’ll be able to print your certificate right then and there.