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The Kaleidoscope Fusion fuses together the traditional shooting reconstruction solid dowel system found in the Spartan with Carolina Forensics’ standard Tubular Dowel Bullet Trajectory Reconstruction System and doubles up on the number of lasers that come with the Spartan. Like the Spartan, the Fusion is designed for long and short range forward projection and back extrapolation bullet trajectory reconstruction in various substrates including drywall, automobiles, forensic mannequins, Styrofoam heads, etc., along with the option to reconstruct the approximate location of the shooter, victim, and end impact site defect using clear, hollow, Tubular Dowels that light up when laser light is projected through them.
Unlike other advanced-type bullet trajectory kits that come with only two mini lasers, the Fusion comes with three Mini Green Lasers and three Mini Red Lasers that have been adapted to adhere to a Solid Fiber Glass Dowel Rod by way of an adapted Laser Connector.
Suggested Level of Experience: 
Intermediate to Advanced Bullet Trajectory Analysis Experience
  • Instructions
  • Photographic Fog
  • Stainless Steel Tool Box
  • Digital Protractor
  • Digital Angle Finder
  • Plumb Bob
  • String
  • Starter Rod
  • 6 – 18” x .25” Hollow Tubular Dowel Rods™
  • 6 – 18” x .25” Solid Fiber Glass Dowel Rods
  • 6 – Dowel O-Ring Fasteners
  • 6 – Laser Base Tripod Mount O-Ring Fasteners
  • 6 – Laser Base Tripod Mounts
  • 6 – Button Clips
  • 6 – Laser Connectors
  • 3 – Dowel Connectors
  • 3 – Dowel Stabilizers™
  • 3 – Mini Green Lasers
  • 3 – Mini Red Lasers

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