Kraft Evidence Bag

Kraft Evidence Bags are strong, durable and breathable. They are ideal for virtually any evidence you collect. Available in packages of 100, pre-printed for your information.

Now featuring the new Roll-N-Seal closure on printed #4, 12, 25 and 1/6 Kraft Evidence Bags!

Unprinted bags without Roll-N-Seal are also available in packages of 100.

Note: the #50 bag is only available unprinted and comes in packages of 60.

There is a 1% dimension tolerance on all bag sizes.

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    We just solved the age-old problem of closing and sealing a Kraft evidence bag…quickly, easily and securely. Roll-N-Seal. Now, our printed paper evidence bags will have this feature put on at no extra charge!

    With these little wire ties pre-attached, you can securely close collected evidence in just seconds. Now closed with a flat surface and ready for easily applying a security seal like our Zipr-Weld Evidence Tape.

    U.S. Patent Pending, this closure concept was developed from an idea from a barf-bag on a plane trip. Once you get one of those filled, you want that mess sealed positively and quickly.