Motif Bloodstain Trajectory Kit


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The Kaleidoscope Motif is the newest and most innovative bloodstain impact pattern reconstruction system in the world! The Motif eliminates sagging strings that often fall off the target surface or the Area of Origin representation post while eliminating the need for masking tape all together! Using the Motif is easy! Simply calculate the Angle of Impact and height above the floor of a selected bloodstain in the distribution, attach a Laser Clamp to the Reconstruction tree, aim the laser at the lead edge of the selected bloodstain, turn on the laser and fog! Overall, the Motif is ideal for reconstructing one impact pattern at a time where the traditional stringing method would normally be employed.
Suggested Level of Experience: 
Intermediate to Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Experience
  • Instructions
  • Carrying Case
  • Photographic Fog
  • Digital Protractor
  • Plumb Bob
  • String
  • 8 – Laser Base Tripod Mounts
  • 8 – Clamp/Tripods
  • 6 – Laser Base Tripod Mount O-Ring Fasteners
  • 6 – Laser Button Clips
  • 3 – Mini Green Lasers
  • 3 – Mini Red Lasers
  • 1 – Reconstruction Tree


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