Safefume Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber


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Safefume fully-automated Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber is designed to safely and effectively process items using the cyanoacrylate fuming method. It provides a controlled environment for processing latent fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces while eliminating exposure to hazardous fumes.

The Safefume uses an advanced touch computer screen that monitors and controls humidity levels, hot plate fume cycle time, door lock and internal circulation fans. All parameters are preset, but can be user-controlled by simply touching the computer screen. Once fuming is complete, a purge cycle evacuated harmful vapors through its high capacity carbon filter system.

Unit features: 
All polypropylene construction
Lexan front door with integral lock
Touch-activated 5.7″ diagonal computer screen
Fluorescent lighting
Stainless steel hanging rods
Stainless steel worksurface
All filters included

Many other sizes are available.

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24" Wide Benchtop 24" Tall, 30" Wide Benchtop 47" Tall, 30" Wide Freestanding 79" Tall, 48" Wide Benchtop 47" Tall, 48" Wide Freestanding 79" Tall, 60" Wide Benchtop 47" Tall, 60" Wide Freestanding 79" Tall, Carbon Filter, Circulation Fan Pre-Filter 10pk, Pre-Filter 6/pk, Wicking Filter


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