Designed by High Schoolers*, SureStop is a highly engineered security strap system that’s simple, secure, easy and affordable…and 100% effective!

Simple. Simply loop one end of the strap on the opposing door handle (or knob). Pull the door shut by the attached Cinch Strap, then attach to the adjoining wall or window with the hook and loop fabric. Takes only seconds!
Secure. Once in place, the door has been barricaded shut with an engineering marvel that will withstand up to 6500lbs of force. (The average 200lb person only can exert 150lbs of force by physically pulling or kicking.) Unlike others, it focuses on centralizing the barricade function where the door is strongest. Simply put, you’re secure with SureStop.
Easy. No drilling, screwing, hammering or measuring. All you need to do is peel and stick the hook portion to the wall or glass. “Installation” takes less than a few seconds! And the adhesive used? Rock solid on glass, wood, drywall, brick or cinder block.
Affordable. The theory is so simple, yet effective. We encourage you to try one out today!
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    *Designed and tested by our local Blue Valley CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies – Engineering and Design.) CAPS is an innovative, nationally acclaimed high school program drawing from thousands of area students from across the district.


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