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Handling a film or digital camera at a crime scene can be a tricky task. Examining evidence, performing tests and doing paperwork can keep your hands full, making it frustrating when you are also trying to photograph the scene.

Here comes the Wristpod to the rescue!

The Wristpod is a neoprene wrist strap with an attached universal tripod mount. Simply strap the Wristpod to your wrist (works for both left and right handed photographers) and attach the male base shoe to the base of your camera. Then clip it to the Wristpod and you have a hands-free camera! Now you can photograph a scene hands-free!

The Wristpod will eliminate the need for annoying neck straps, flimsy wrist lanyards or the danger of leaving your camera unattended, where it could be lost or stolen. Now you have the freedom to quickly take photos when needed, while you still have two hands to help move objects or assist others at the scene. All the while, your camera will be securely attached to your wrist, just a simple click away from a quick photo!

The Wristpod works great for point-and-shoot digital cameras, as well as larger SLR crime scene cameras. You can even use small-to-mid range video cameras! The Wristod comes with integrated bubble level to ensure your photos will be level and even on every shot.


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