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  • PurAir PCR Laminar Flow Workstations

    PCR Workstations with laminar flow action are designed to provide a safe and sterile environment for biological testing. Both units feature Class 100 clean air for sample protection. A stainless steel work surface is built into each unit. Both units provide a clean air environment, and use a variable timed UV light source that ensures all DNA and RNA are destroyed. The timer for the UV light will automatically shut off when the cabinet is opened. The unit is available in 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft widths. INCLUDES MAIN FILTER. 48" units require 2 filters. *Lab equipment is non-refundable and not returnable.
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    • Safefume Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber

      Safefume fully-automated Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber is designed to safely and effectively process items using the cyanoacrylate fuming method. It provides a controlled environment for processing latent fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces while eliminating exposure to hazardous fumes. The Safefume uses an advanced touch computer screen that monitors and controls humidity levels, hot plate fume cycle time, door lock and internal circulation fans. All parameters are preset, but can be user-controlled by simply touching the computer screen. Once fuming is complete, a purge cycle evacuated harmful vapors through its high capacity carbon filter system. Unit features:  All polypropylene construction Lexan front door with integral lock Touch-activated 5.7" diagonal computer screen Fluorescent lighting Stainless steel hanging rods Stainless steel worksurface All filters included Many other sizes are available. *Lab equipment is non-refundable and not returnable.
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      • PurAir Advanced Forensic Fume Hood

        The Air Science Technologies Purair range of advanced forensic workstations are designed for those forensic laboratories that won't want to change filters between powder and chemical applications. With both HEPA and Carbon high capacity filters , the Purair units are ideal for departments who process a large volume of evidence with both powders and chemicals. The units do not come with a Spillage Tray. That is an optional purchase. The Purair features:
        • Continuous airflow display
        • Low airflow alarm
        • 360 degree visibility
        • Inter-filter test port
        • Self-locking front sash
        • Cable pass through ports
        • Epoxy coated steel construction for unsurpassed strength
        • Clean changing filter system
        • optional back-up safety filter system (ANZI Z9.5 requirement)
        • Intregral lighting
          One main filter required. FILTERS NOT INCLUDED. Many other sizes available. Purair 10 is pictured. *Lab equipment is non-refundable and not returnable.
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        • SafeSwab Dryer & SafeSwab Dryer Mini

          The Swab Dryer is the safe and secure way to air dry swabs which contain serological evidence. The system provides a constant airflow of filtered air to protect the evidence. Air coming into the cabinet is first passed through a pre-filter to insure it is clean. Particulates given off while drying are filtered through a HEPA filter and then exhausted back into the room. The HEPA filter is designed to capture any biological material that might have been present in the swab samples. Features include a low airflow alarm, clear front hinged door, key lock, and tamper proof seal housing. Unit fits on a bench or can be wall mounted. Includes all requires filters and one swab drying rack. SafeSwab Dryer holds 30 swabs. SafeSwab Dryer - Mini holds 15 swabs. *Lab equipment is non-refundable and not returnable.
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