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  • UltraLite ALS Basic Peavey Turbo Kit & Peavey Plus Turbo Kit

    UltraLite ALS Basic Peavey Turbo Kit is the most powerful, solid-state forensic alternate light source. Features an intensity range of 500 mWs to an astounding 2000 mWs of power. Its lightweight, compact design (weighing approximately 300 grams) is especially beneficial for processing stairways, ceilings, or the inside of a vehicle. Features Blue-Merge Technology (BMT) which is the merging of forensic wavelengths to optimize viewing ranges. By producing the perfect blend, you'll only need to go over the crime scene once to gather nearly 100% of your evidence work. Dominant output 450 nm. Comes complete with:
    • Light unit - BMT Turbo Head & Handle
    • Two rechargeable lithium batteries
    • ALS power pack
    • Universal A/C input power cord
    • Goggles with pouch
    • Twin-battery charger
    Both UltraLite ALS Peavey Plus Turbo Kits come with the above features with the added bonuses of a UV Magnum Head and yellow goggles for viewing.
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