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  • RDASS HD Spyder Edition UAV

    It’s hard to sell something as intricate and advanced like this on the internet…so we’ll try and be brief. You can always call and get more information. The unit is called the RDASS (Rapidly Deployable Aerial Surveillance System.) In short, it is a 4 propeller unmanned aerial vehicle with a sophisticated stabilized HD video camera mounted underneath. Through the easy to operate wireless controller box, you can of course take off and land, hover, go forward and reverse, but you also have complete control over where the camera is aimed at with optional zoom capabilities. All this with real time mapping feedback on your laptop, iPad or other monitor as you are flying. You can fly it for up to 20 minutes on one charge, go up to practically any height and go well over a mile away. And if you’re getting low on battery power, the GPS on the unit remembers and auto pilots the helicopter back to where you started from. How can the RDASS be used?
    • To document large area crime scenes
    • To document sensitive or expanding crime scenes
    • Accident reconstruction
    • To assess the scene/situation before sending in personnel
    • Crime scene security
    • Marijuana growing / narcotics operations
    • SWAT purposes
    • The “sky’s the limit”
    Three of the biggest advantages are speed and ease of getting it in the air (the whole set up fits in a little suitcase)…and safety for your officers not being put in harm’s way too early. The kit includes everything you need to fly: RDASS HD, integrated 7" HD display, gyro 3D stabilized 4K Ultra-HD GoPro, 64GB memory card, handheld controller, Pelican case, AC/DC Charger & Power Supply, 2x flight batteries and all requied antennas and cables. Customize your RDASS Hot Stuff - The ultimate in visibility & awareness. This IR/Thermal sensor is fully integrated to your RDASS. 3D gyro stabilized mount promises clear and steady images. Includes: A variety of makes and models to fit your budget. Call for more information $8,201 - $16,423
    From: $893.90
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