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  • CollectEject™ Oral Swab

    The sterile CollectEject™ Oral Swab with an ejectable head has a multilayer cellulose head for maximum absorption and extraction of DNA. This design provides a simple open, swab and reinsert collection protocol. The size and preservation by desiccation (drying) make it lightweight and easy to ship to the laboratory for processing.
    • Layered cotton absorbs and extracts well
    • Ejectable head simplifies sample transfer
    • Designed for buccal DNA sample collection
    • Box of 100
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  • NIK Fentanyl Test Pack

    NIK Fentanyl Test Pack contains 5 boxes of tests to complete the testing sequence plus a box of neutralizer. NIK recommends a testing sequence for the presumptive detection of Fentanyl. The use of multiple tests helps eliminates the chance of erroneous presumptive identification of an unknown substance. Kit contains NIK tests A, B, I , K and W to complete the testing sequence. A box of neutralizer is also included. When testing unknown white powders officer safety is of the utmost importance.
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  • NIK Test Y – THC/CBD Quick Test

    NIK Test Y – THC/CBD Quick Test - With the evolution of cannabis-related laws, easy identification between the types of marijuana plants has become more important. To date, law enforcement officers have not been able distinguish between plants grown for hemp products and cannabidiol (CBD) production versus those with a high content of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) grown for recreational marijuana use. NIK Test Y – THC/CBD Quick Test developed in Switzerland. Is a colorimetric test capable of distinguishing between THC and CBD content in plant material. It can test to 1% THC/CBD content. Sold in a box of ten.
    • Testing limits to 1% detectable content
    • Produces results instantly with the quick colorimetric test
    • Color results are very distinguishable and produce no conflicts for visual determination of colors
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  • QuickCheck Narcotic Identification (Drug Test) Kits

    QuickCheck, a presumptive testing kit, completely revolutionizes in-the-field narcotics identification testing. We've designed a wider, crystal-clear pouch with a white background to view the results easier and more accurately. The pouch also has a rounded bottom, so no more trying to get the drug sample out of the corners. The handy collection device inside means no more pens, keys or toothpicks needed, while a convenient zip closure eliminates those frustrating clips! Foldout instructions attached on every kit provide step-by-step directions for a successful test. We have even included a chemical resistant disposable bag to safely place the used kit into when you are done. Drug test kits available for cocaine, two types of marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, MDMA, MDEA, MDA, MDPA , the opiate family and amphetamines. Tube-type tests also available. Each box contains 10 test kits.
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    • QuickCheck Training and Certification CD

      A complete and comprehensive training CD for the QuickCheck line of Narcotic Identification Kits. Our CD features close-up videos of tests being performed and the color changes that result from a positive reading. An online certification exam is available at the completion of the training, along with an option to print out your certificate.
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    • NIK Pouch Drug Test

      Nik Drug Test Pouches are chemically-filled ampoules that perform the exact test you need. No more measuring, mixing, and dispensing reagents. There is no shelf life for these products. 10 Kits per order.
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      • NIK Bath Salts Test

        The Bath Salts test is designed to assist the investigator with the determination of substances purported to be Bath Salts. The test set includes three individual tests, Marquis, Scott's, and Simon's, and when the results are combined, provide and positive indication for the presence of Bath Salts.
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      • NIK Master-Pac Drug Tests

        Where there is a need for complete polytesting, NIK Master-Pac Drug Test is what you need. This kit is presumptively identifies 25 controlled substances. Kit Includes:
        • Two boxes each of Tests A & E
        • One box each of Tests B, C, D, G, H, J, K, L & U
        • One box of Acid Neutralizer (Test F)
        • Polytesting Report Pad
        • Identidrug Desk Chart
        • Narcotic Field Test Training CD
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      • NIK 60-Pac Drug Tests

        NIK 60-Pac Drug Tests kit comes with 60 individual presumptive tests for identifying opium alkaloids, amphetamines, demerol, barbituarates, LSD, and marijuana as well as the highly selective test G for the presumptive identification of cocaine. There are two levels of screening for many substances. Kit Includes: One box each of Tests A through E and G
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