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So you’re interested in purchasing and deploying an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) or Vehicle (UAV).

Now that technology has advanced to a point over the last couple of years, if you carefully select a system or vendor, you can get an effective set-up that’s mission-ready, reliable, robust, and easy to use.

Keep in mind, the UAV is just one small part. You need good, well paired communications and data link systems…plus, you need to have flight training to fly it safely and effectively. Think of the UAV and UAS like a computer on steroids with wings and razor-sharp eyes.

The whole thing sounds daunting and scary to most. Don’t worry, we’ve been there. We’ll talk you through it.

From Crime Scene Mapping and photography to accident sites, search and rescue, surveillance, disaster control, drug operations and more are well within your reach. Anything that was too dull, dangerous or dirty to send officers in harm’s way can now be done by UAV’s or drones.

We have been researching and flying drones for a few years now. And we realize that “drone vendors” are climbing out of the woodwork. They may not fully understand the nature of law enforcement…and many of these new start-ups may run out of funding from investors, only to go out of business. We have a pretty good idea of law enforcement’s needs…and we aren’t going anywhere. (Plus we’ve got the industry’s best experts at our fingertips.)

Rules? Gotta’ have them. In the US, we have a governing body that dictates and recommends safe and legal use.

Things are always changing, but here are some of the basic rules on Unmanned Craft currently in place:

  1. Stay below 400 feet
  2. Must have visual contact with the UAV at all times
  3. Must weigh 55 pounds or less
  4. A COA is required (Certificate of Authorization) to perform missions
  5. Do not fly within 5 miles of an airport
  6. Give right of way to larger full scale aircraft

Other notes of importance: Currently, the FAA has authorized 6 UAV test sites to conduct small research operations anywhere in the U.S. as long as they stay below 200’. (This is a possible resource for you before you dive in and buy a UAV. Test sites are located in Texas, Alaska, New York, North Dakota, Virginia and Nevada.)

The FAA is currently proposing to relax requirements for “micro-drones” or UAV’s that weigh less than 4.4 pounds.

It is just our opinion, but we feel that the FAA will make exceptions in the near future for law enforcement use…and still maintain necessary regulation for hobbyist or commercial use. Stay tuned for developments that will help get us into “unrestricted” territory.

Long story short, we are keeping tabs on everything to meet Federal Aviation Requirements for you. This is an ever changing technology and proposals and rules change almost weekly. Give us a call to chat about concerns, questions or drone options best suited for your department.

Simply put, we want to help you see what you have been missing!

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  • RDASS HD Spyder Edition UAV

    It’s hard to sell something as intricate and advanced like this on the internet…so we’ll try and be brief. You can always call and get more information. The unit is called the RDASS (Rapidly Deployable Aerial Surveillance System.) In short, it is a 4 propeller unmanned aerial vehicle with a sophisticated stabilized HD video camera mounted underneath. Through the easy to operate wireless controller box, you can of course take off and land, hover, go forward and reverse, but you also have complete control over where the camera is aimed at with optional zoom capabilities. All this with real time mapping feedback on your laptop, iPad or other monitor as you are flying. You can fly it for up to 20 minutes on one charge, go up to practically any height and go well over a mile away. And if you’re getting low on battery power, the GPS on the unit remembers and auto pilots the helicopter back to where you started from. How can the RDASS be used?
    • To document large area crime scenes
    • To document sensitive or expanding crime scenes
    • Accident reconstruction
    • To assess the scene/situation before sending in personnel
    • Crime scene security
    • Marijuana growing / narcotics operations
    • SWAT purposes
    • The “sky’s the limit”
    Three of the biggest advantages are speed and ease of getting it in the air (the whole set up fits in a little suitcase)…and safety for your officers not being put in harm’s way too early. The kit includes everything you need to fly: RDASS HD, integrated 7" HD display, gyro 3D stabilized 4K Ultra-HD GoPro, 64GB memory card, handheld controller, Pelican case, AC/DC Charger & Power Supply, 2x flight batteries and all requied antennas and cables. Customize your RDASS Hot Stuff - The ultimate in visibility & awareness. This IR/Thermal sensor is fully integrated to your RDASS. 3D gyro stabilized mount promises clear and steady images. Includes: A variety of makes and models to fit your budget. Call for more information $8,201 - $16,423
    From: $893.90
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