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  • QuickCheck Narcotic Identification (Drug Test) Kits

    QuickCheck, a presumptive testing kit, completely revolutionizes in-the-field narcotics identification testing. We've designed a wider, crystal-clear pouch with a white background to view the results easier and more accurately. The pouch also has a rounded bottom, so no more trying to get the drug sample out of the corners. The handy collection device inside means no more pens, keys or toothpicks needed, while a convenient zip closure eliminates those frustrating clips! Foldout instructions attached on every kit provide step-by-step directions for a successful test. We have even included a chemical resistant disposable bag to safely place the used kit into when you are done. Drug test kits available for cocaine, two types of marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, MDMA, MDEA, MDA, MDPA , the opiate family and amphetamines. Tube-type tests also available. Each box contains 10 test kits.
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