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    • ScaleMarq™ Evidence Markers

      ScaleMarq Evidence Markers clearly mark evidence found at the scene whether it is on the ground, the wall or another vertical surface. These markers will point right to the evidence for photographic record. Perfect for marking cartridge casings, blood spatter, bullet holes and more. Heavy-duty PVC markers are yellow with a dry erase photo scale printed on front. Scale has a matte finish preventing photo glare. May be cleaned with alcohol. Copper-colored photo circle is specially designed to be the exact size of a penny for easy size comparison and reference. Also available in pack of 20 ScaleMarq Evidence Markers with 60 adhesive dots. Use adhesive dots to place markers on any non-flat, vertical and horizontal surface such as walls, ceilings and angled surfaces. The adhesive dots can also help prevent the markers from blowing away.
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