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    • DocuStat DS220

      The DocuStat DS220 is used to identify indented writing on paper (grooves) on different kinds of paper. For example, you find a used pad of paper in a terrorist suspect's home and use the DocuStat to visualize the indented writing to confirm that he wrote a threatening letter to a politician. This technique often works on the second and third page down from the original depending on how hard the writer pressed down his pen. The securing of the traces is made by charging the plastic film, type IW, with the corona unit. Then, the developing powder is used and the traces are secured with the adhesive film. Features include: more sensitive than oblique lighting; produces permanent 1 to 1 transparencies; responds only to indented writing and ignores visible script; non-destructive - leaves documents uncontaminated; easy document preparation with document humidifier (sold separately) to increase sensitivity of documents prior to electrostatic imaging process; timer for corona exposure; and ventilation for airborne toner particles.

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