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  • Safedevelop DFO and Ninhydrin Fingerprint Development Chamber

    This unit provides a controlled environment for processing prints. Incorporates a heating element & built-in humidifier. Triple pane glass door that is heated when the humidifier is activated to prevent fogging. Individual heat and humidity controls allow user to adjust for various chemicals, such as DFO (100 degrees C) and Ninhydrin (80 degrees C, 65%RH). Built-in timer with alarm to alert user when cycle has completed. Built-in lighting on both sides of door. 110-130V Includes:
    • Water carboy and tubing for clean water entry and wastewater disposal
    • Low water level indicator
    • Individual controls for heat and humidity can be set to user specifications
    • Removable shelves with perforated surface to promote circulation
    • Removable hanging rods and clips
    • Leveling feet to mount cabinet
    • Exhaust port to vent fumes into fume extractor, ductwork or adjacent fume hood
    • Triple pane glass door
    • Locking T-handle to preserve chain-of-custody
    • LED Lighting
    • Circulation fan promotes uniform distribution of heat and humidity
    *Lab equipment is non-refundable and not returnable.
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