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A long time ago, a major commercial drug-testing laboratory asked us to develop a tamper indicating security seal. This seal went on to be used for chain of custody purposes in the sealing of urine samples.

We took that to heart. By the mid 1980’s the “Zipr-Weld” product line became the leader in this industry. In addition to the Urine Drug Testing Market, we developed the “Zipr-Weld” to be used for the Breathalyzer Testing Market (BAT) and by Forensic Laboratories to seal all samples.

Over 25 years later, we continue to value our customers’ feedback and opinions. We now have expanded to include specimen bottles and cups, bags, temperature monitors, Blueing products, absorbent sheets, mailer boxes, gloves and customizable urine and blood collection kits.

We are, of course, registered with the FDA as a 510K Medical Device Establishment to assemble and distribute collection kits.

We invite you to take a look at our laboratory and specimen collection supplies. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions; we are also open to discuss special pricing.

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    • Temperature Strips

      Stick-on strips illuminate the temperature of a sample within seconds. Simply affix the monitor strip to the outside of bottle or collection container and collect the sample. Within seconds, the precise temperature of the sample will be illuminated. Nonmylar strips 90-100 F/32-38 C degree range
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      • Absorbent Sheets

        Avoid a big mess with these absorbent sheets. The absorbent sheets are especially good for transporting blood and urine specimens. Each sheet will absorb about 60 ml. of fluid. Each sheet measures 3" x 6".
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