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    • Basic Fingerprint Powders

      There's nothing standard about our basic fingerprint powders! This Fingerprint Powder is perfect for lifting latent prints from non-porous surfaces such as glass, finished wood and plastic. Hand-made from an all-natural process using the finest ingredients. Available in Super Black, Black, White, Gray, Red and Dual-Use.
      From: $6.20
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    • Magnetic Fingerprint Powders

      Our magnetic fingerprint powders are the best choice for the cleanest, least destructive method for powdering latent prints. With the Magnetic Fingerprint Powder, there's no risk of damaging or scratching latent prints because only the powder touches the print!
      From: $7.25
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    • Fluorescent Fingerprint Powders

      When exposed to a black light, latent fingerprints dusted with Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder glow with unbelievable intensity and contrast. You'll use less powder, leaving less mess.
      From: $7.50