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    • Fingerprint Powder in the Raw™

      Superior development. Safer. More eco-friendly.

      Ancient, precious spices have been blended to develop the best prints possible. Spices like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and allspice to name a few. We have created a simple, honest, more natural fingerprint powder. Conventional powders are mostly made from industrial waste and chemicals.With superior development, Powder In The Raw is safer for your technicians, easier on the environment and is now more affordable than conventional options. Some even tout the mystical health and well-being effects. One whiff and you may be tempted to sprinkle some on your ice cream. DON’T. Powder In The Raw is not meant for human consumption. PPE should be worn as usual.Curious? Buy just one or a few colors. Smell the aromas. Think back on life’s simpler days. When things worked simply like they were supposed to. Satisfaction GUARANTEED!Additional colors and sizes available. Call for more information.*US Patent Pending

      $7.95 Introductory Price $5.25

      $7.95 $5.25
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    • Basic Fingerprint Powders

      There's nothing standard about our basic fingerprint powders! This Fingerprint Powder is perfect for lifting latent prints from non-porous surfaces such as glass, finished wood and plastic. Hand-made from an all-natural process using the finest ingredients. Available in Super Black, Black, White, Gray, Red and Dual-Use.
      From: $6.20
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    • PowderJet Fingerprint Powder

      PowderJet Fingerprint Powder delivers just the right amount of powder onto your brush. Absolutely no more contamination. A little squeeze applies the powder to the brush in the air.
      From: $4.75
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    • Fluorescent Fingerprint Powders

      When exposed to a black light, latent fingerprints dusted with Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder glow with unbelievable intensity and contrast. You'll use less powder, leaving less mess.
      From: $7.50
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    • Electric Fingerprint Powder

      Super-charge your latent fingerprints with our brand-new Electric Powders! Prints dusted with this powder appear normal on a light colored surface, but when you dust prints on a dark surface, the prints light up!
      From: $9.95