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We have included several of the stock kits we have found over the past 30 years or so that have been most popular. Of course,if you want us to include other items in your kits to a certain specification… ask us for a quotation.

Remember, that you always have the option of upgrading your Fiber Dusters to the Fiber Duster Smooth. It only carries a $1 per brush upcharge…that often times is well worth the expense.

Most of our stock kits were designed with economy in mind…thus, you will find we have often used a basic Black Light and our popular MicroBlue lights. The Black Light is generally a 395nm light (without a viewing filter). The MicroBlue is a 455nm light with a viewing filter. What’s the difference? Some say personal preference, but many will say that 455nm is a better “Crime Scene Search” frequency. Of course, we can also package up a kit for you with one of our other (more expensive) alternate light source options as well.

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