• Fingerprint Powder in the Ruff™

    NO GIMMICK! Better, safer development.

    But it smells like cinnamon and vanilla! Are you kidding me? Years in the making, we developed the first natural-powder blend that will offer you better results…guaranteed…than your current conventional, industrial waste and chemicals latent print powder. Plus we are also offering you FREE samples to help convince you and introductory pricing! But back to the question of why the scented powders. Conventional powder has no scent. None. If your latent print people are dusting at a crime scene and they get a whiff of something that smells a lot like grandma’s cookies or Christmas morning…they might want to tighten their dust or nuisance mask. Or maybe travel upwind of their powdering. Or possibly even use a bit less powder to begin with. We have all been there before. If you smell smoke, it is usually best to be more aware of your surroundings so they say. 9 out of 10 investigators say they have more than once blown their nose after processing a scene and seen fingerprint powder in their tissue. Generally, our darker colored Powder In The Ruffs are mixed with predominantly cinnamon blends. Lighter colored will be mixed with vanilla. Our patent covers many exotic powders, so you may detect odors of nutmeg, allspice, etc., as well. Multiple sizes available. Not for human consumption, although sometimes tempting. Wear your PPE as usual. Click this link for a free sample! *US Patent Pending. “Ruff” is what our mascot Tracker says. It’s got to be good!

    $8.58 Introductory Price $5.25

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  • Zipr-All Evidence Tape

    The only dual purpose evidence tape.

    Finally, a strong as steel tape that works as a general packaging tape…and a fragile tamper-indicating evidence tape all in one! Made from moldable, rolled aluminum alloy for strength with an unmatched permanent sticky adhesive coating. Freezing cold, blistering heat, moisture, static and humidity-proof. “Stop signs” are randomly spaced to discourage tampering. Improved application, split-back liner and still printed with your department’s custom message. 1 3/8” and 2” widths available in 108’ rolls. The most unique experience you have ever had in front of you, view our “Zipr-All Taping Tips” for best usage and to request a free sample.
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