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But for it to really be of use, we want your input. Send us your tips and tricks of the trade, the little secrets you use that may be of interest to other investigators. Possible words of encouragement that we all can use. Keep it brief or make it long. We will paraphrase it down for you into short, bite-sized chunks of information for easy digestion. General Law Enforcement oriented, or geared to any discipline related to crime scene including property and the crime lab.

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Always thinking and developing. Retired Lt./CSI from now Arizona, Joe Siefferman needed a solution to keep his backing cards dust free. He came to us, and his drawings and ideas came to life. We call it the Backing Bunker™. It’s like a card dealer’s card shoe that dispenses cards…fresh and clean…one at a time. Refillable and simple. Fits in a pocket or kit box. Sells for $15. Joe may not get rich immediately, but you never know. Spread the word and let’s take this invention viral!


Got to admit I was a typical CSI on this one. A fingerprint powder that smells like Mom’s fresh baked cookies? Crazy. Took my first whiff. OK, so I was tempted to right off the bat, lick off the rim as a little taste test…but didn’t. Smelled good enough to eat, but question is, would it work to develop prints for a picky investigator/educator?

Dipped my clean Peavey brush into a small pile of powder (so as not to cross-contaminate the whole jar.) Tapped off the excess (as I usually do) then swirled this vanilla/cinnamon/nutmeg blend of spices ever so gently over my test prints. To my shock, they developed perfectly and instantly…almost better than with a standard colored Peavey Powder.

Almost in disbelief, I tried it again and again on a variety of surfaces, oily and dry latents. Still the same excellent results! I give it a two thumbs up! It’s called Powder In The Raw…comes in a variety of colors and special pricing at around $5 a jar is great too!

If you have questions about this Crime Scene tidbit, reach out to Regional Forensic Specialist, Kelly Ayers, MS, CSCSA, well-known trainer, speaker and past CSI. She can be reached for comments or just shooting the breeze at or 681-285-8080.


Simple Simon Says???

Establishing relevance in the crime scene/property/laboratory has always been a challenge.

It has to be more than free this, free that, discount offers and reduced shipping. We started that trend 40 years ago with our Sludge, free t-shirts with orders, caps, sweatshirts, posters, gear bags, bloody Gag-Bags, Mug-Shots and even Peach-Pie Moonshine in a leaky Urine Cup!

OK…I will admit, the Moonshine gig was over the top. People from the ATF had even discussed with me at the trade show the illegality and the prison terms I might be facing if I didn’t cease and desist. No. Seriously! At least it got a lot of attention…people saying, “Go to the booth with the 10’ tall, giant inflatable dog…they are giving out Moonshine in evidence packaging!!!”

You will still get the creative “appreciation gifts,” but hopefully, you will keep coming back to us because of our people, and the true innovation that we provide each and every day with the products we make.

HEADS UP…if you get an email from us saying something about Simon Says, or anything remotely to that effect, open it. It should get a few chuckles and a bit of self-introspection. Like our bloodhound mascot Tracker, don’t you wish that more people thought like Simon? “ And that’s about all I have to say on that.”


I really didn’t have to dig too deep to uncover this one.

We have all been there. Sealing evidence with evidence tape. If using Lynn Peavey’s Zipr-Weld, it is especially tacky, fragile and aggressive…which it’s supposed to. If it wasn’t, what’s the point, right? I was talking once to a crime scene tech in Colorado who uses this technique. We all know crime scene officers are supposed to wear gloves, right? To avoid questions of contamination, etc. Use the black, nitrile, textured gloves instead of the latex ones. They offer the same protection, but it makes it so much easier to handle adhesive tapes.

I tried it myself. Compared the difference between ordinary latex gloves and the black nitrile. Night and day difference.

Evidently, simply the texture of the gloves makes it almost twice as likely NOT to tangle yourself up in a huge ball of wasted tape.

This crime scene tidbit was provided by one of our Regional Marketing & Sales Consultants, Alan Price, well-known criminal justice educator and past CSI. You can “bark at him” at or 303-710-1547.