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  • Entomology Kit

    The science of entomology is forging ahead as an accurate way of determining time and place of death. Entomology expert, Dr. Neal Haskell, has collaborated with the Lynn Peavey Company to put together an easy-to-use kit for collecting specimens. Conveniently packaged, allowing you to send to any board certified entomologist throughout the country…we even provide the addresses!
    Contents of kit:
    • 8 –Vials (four for adult specimens, four for maggots)
    • 3 –Containers for live specimens
    • 1 –Tweezers
    • 1 –Pencil
    • 3 –Pairs of latex gloves
    • 2 –Solutions for specimens Identity labels
    • 1 –Instruction sheet
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  • Plastic Trowel

    Plastic Trowel is a great accessory for the Entomology Kit 95046.
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  • Specimen Net

    Specimen Net used in conjunction with the Entomology Kit.
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  • Hemident (MacPhails) Blood Stain Test

    This non-destructive, self-contained Hemident (MacPhails) Blood Stain Test allows you to retain evidence intact for further lab analysis. 6 month expiration. 10 count
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  • Hemastix

    Hemastix are most commonly used as a dip and read test for blood in urine. Hemastix can be used at crime scenes to determine if what is being photographed at the scene is actually blood spatter. It is a quick and easy test which detects the peroxide-like activity of hemoglobin in a substance. Simply rub the Hemastix on a moistened stain or across a swab that has a suspected dried blood sample on it. The reagent coated tip will turn a shade of green if hemoglobin is detected. If the reaction is positive, take a photograph of the strip by the substance to document the reaction and retain the strip as evidence. Contains 50 strips.
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  • Blood Collection Tubes

    Blood Collection Tubes are available in two configurations: Gray-Topped and Purple-Topped. The 10 ml Gray-Topped Tube (02093) contains 20 mg of potassium oxalate and 100 mg of sodium fluoride. This is the desired blood tube used in blood-alcohol content kits. The 10-ml EDTA Purple Topped Blood Tube is the desired tube used is most blood testing, including DNA testing. Note: These tubes do have expiration dates. They do not have an infinite shelf life. Both tubes come 100 to a pack. Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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    • Alco Screen Test

      Alco Screen Test for alcohol via the use of saliva. 24 per pack Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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    • Blood Tube Transport Container

      These tubes give extra protection for your blood-collection tubes during shipment to the lab or to another agency. Each Blood Transport Tube will hold up to one 10 ml. tube. 100/pk
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    • Urine Collection Kit

      Designed for urine collection when the collection facility is going to mail the specimen to the laboratory for analysis. Urine Collection Kit includes:
      • 90-ml specimen container
      • Specimen container label
      • Mylar-type temperature monitor
      • Pack-safe transport pouch
      • Absorbent sheets
      • 7" Zipr-Weld Security Seals and Integrity Seals
      • Mailing carton that measures 5.125" X 4" X 2.38"
      This Kit features the same contents as item #04910, with the exception of the mailer box being different dimensions. Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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