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      Item #06702 Trace Evidence Vacuum- For collecting trace evidence at crime scenes, this powerful unit is extremely efficient. Pick up minute particles as small as 0.1 micron in size (about 1/4 the diameter of an average human hair). The Trace Evidence Vacuum comes with a 15-foot power cord and 8-foot hose and is contained in a compact case (17.8" x 7.75" x 9.25") for easy storage and transport. The filter nozzles are sealed with tamper-evident tape and individually cleanroom-wrapped. Attach the filter to the end of the hose and vacuum the area or evidence in question. Then simply submit the entire sealed filter nozzle in its included evidence bag to the crime lab for examination. Comes with a 3-year warranty. Item #09782 is a Trace Evidence Internal Filter Replacement for item #06702 Item #06703 is a Trace Evidence Filter
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