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  • Lightning Fingerprint Powders

    Black, Silver/Gray, White and Bi-Chromatic powders are perfect for non-porous surfaces such as glass, finished wood, and plastic.These powders are recommended for use in dusting glossy papers (such as magazine covers), tissue paper, rough or polished wood,leather, plastics, glass, and rubber. It works exceptionally well on plastic baggies after they have been treated with cyanoacrylate esters (superglue fumes). Powder is packaged in wide-mouth jars for easy access with a magnetic applicator.Greenwop will fluoresce at 254nm, and between 430nm and 515nm, with its highest sensitivity from 450nm to 505nm. It is especially sensitive to ultraviolet light sources. Having the widest range of sensitivity of all powders, Redwop fluoresces under light from 254nm up to 550nm, with its highest sensitivity at 254nm, and between 430nm and 550nm. Separate feather dusters should be used for each fluorescent powder.
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