Oversized Red Zipr-Weld Split-Back Tamper Evident Evidence Tape


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Evidence packages require a permanent seal. 2 ¼” Zipr-Weld is the answer!

After nearly 40 years, people are still trying to stuff a large pillow inside a bag that is too small, then “seal” it with Zipr-Weld tamper indicating evidence tape. We have you covered!

Nearly two times the sticking power as our regular Zipr-Weld. Too MASSIVE to fit inside a dispenser box, we incorporated our new TapeTender retaining strap to hold it all in. And yes, we have permanently attached it to the core so you won’t lose it. Plus…we have split the release liner (split-back) down the middle for ease and speed of applying to any sort of evidence container or surface you desire.

Zippered edges for tamper resistance, permanent “welding” adhesive and writable surface. A Zipr-Weld seal still will make a mess of things by shredding or flaking upon tampering attempts.

Most “competing” evidence tapes do not incorporate special security inks. Zipr-Weld tape will bleed and smear in the presence of solvent tampering.

Dimensions: 2 1/4″ x 108′

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Split-Back Red Evidence Tape, 2.25" x 108'